He needed a place to stay. Just between one move and another move.

So one of our sons came home and asked if his friend could stay with us until he knew what his next move was going to be.

Even though our family was walking through some challenges at that time, we embraced the opportunity to accept him into our home.

So that spring and summer our house was full. Having four dynamic young men in our home created an infectious vibrancy and energy.

And some might say that accepting another person into the chaos of an already full or busy home might be just too much. Perhaps because of the potential it might cost in terms of energy, space, finances, or drawing attention away from others living in the home.

But that is not how we saw it. Nor how we experienced it.

The benefits of accepting one more, far outweighed any cost there might have been.

Welcoming this young man into our family that season was an absolute blessing. He was a gift to us.

His joy and exuberance enriched our home with light and warmth. His strong faith, honesty, and authenticity deepened our discussions, providing me with some gems of beautiful truth that I still cherish today.

I also like to think that our three sons saw us living out God’s command to provide hospitality to the sojourner. That we would “welcome one another as Christ has welcomed you, for the glory of God.” (Romans 15:7)

And I pray that now they are all in their own homes, they would in turn do the same for another.

That all our lives would speak about acceptance. And that there is always room at our tables for one more.

And perhaps, that if there every is a day that one of our beloved sons, daughter-in-laws, or grandsons ever need a place to lay their head or share a meal, some loving souls will embrace them, and warmly accept them into their home and hearts.








Accept photo button credit: Kate Motaung of fiveminutefriday.com