I have decided to take up the challenge of #Write31Days!

The #Write 31 Days challenge is an invitation to writers and to members of the @fiveminutefriday community to write a daily blog post for the entire month of October, all relating to a theme of their choosing.

While each post will be connected to the personally selected overall theme or topic, each post will be in response to a daily one word prompt.

At first I was hesitant about joining the challenge. I questioned whether I will be able to find the time and energy to write a post every day, and be consistent for the entire month.

But in the end I decided to join the challenge because I realized that similar to any other skill, it is only through dedicating ourselves to something, and investing significant time and energy,  that the craft or skill has the opportunity to improve.

The challenge also intrigued me because there are many other bloggers who have also committed to it. This means there will be other writers who are also engaged in writing responses to the very same prompts and then posting their articles on their blogs. It will be intriguing to see how each participant responds to the very same prompts.

My posts will continue to be focusing on themes of faith, inspiration, leadership and women from Scripture and what they teach us about rising up and leading.

So please join me as I engage in the 31 Day Writing Challenge by following my daily posts. I would so appreciate your support!

You can also come back to this page because each day in October I will also be linking the daily post below. This will allow you to look back through the daily posts and find any you may have missed and would like to read.

Another option is you can subscribe to my blog, The Stones Call, and then the posts will be automatically delivered to your email.

I will also be posting the daily articles on my other social media channels: on my blog, The Stones Call,  my Facebook Page, A Sacred Exchange and Twitter.


Worship        Tell       Create        Hope       Trust      Story       Hold     Truth       Plan


Listen     Remember     Write    Invite     Try    Remain     Read      Grow      Share


Brave     Discover     Give     Light     Work     Revise     Because    Change     Overcome


Connect    Follow     Refine     Rest


Photo credit: Christine Hume, on Unsplash