It is a quiet morning, fresh in its newness. The stillness embraces me, soothing my spirit.

I stoop down, kneeling on the dew-moistened grass.

I dig into the rich, dark earth. Gently now, turning the soil, I begin to pull the weeds. I take some deep breaths, filling my lungs and savouring the earthy aroma.

Being in our backyard and tending to our garden is a labour of love. There is something sacred in planting the small, dry seeds in the early spring, then watching them burst forth as new green shoots. And how over the summer the garden is transformed into a pageantry of vibrant colours that contrast against the backdrop of the green grass, verdant trees, and the vibrant azure of the summer skies.

Being outdoors and working in a garden is soul healing. Nature has the power to redeem and transform. Offering us the sacred, if we slow down, and pay attention.

This morning, I deliberately focus on slowing my pace.  I breathe deeply. I listen to the gentle wind rustling its way through the trees around me. I observe the sunlight as it filters and flickers through the swaying leaves. And I feel the crisp fall air as it brushes gently against my cheeks.

I pause. Delighting in the world around me.

I settle into the peace of the moment.

Quietly, quietly, I continued to toil, my thoughts meandering.

I embrace the sacredness found  in nature and working in a garden.

My thoughts drifting to the original garden, the Garden of Eden, and how God created it. How God loves to create, and “made all kinds of tress grow out of the ground – trees that were pleasing to the eye and good for food”. Declaring, “Let the land produce vegetation: seed-bearing plants and trees on the land that bear fruit with seed in it, according to their various kinds.” (Genesis 1)

And then, how after He had created the light, the plants and trees, streams of water, and filled them with birds and animals – He affirmed, “that it was good”.

Today, in my garden, I am drawn to God’s creation, and into the rich beauty and diversity to be found in the natural world.

And I too, see that it is good.




Photo credit: Charlotte Coneybeer, Unsplash


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