When we are in the midst of suffering, and at the end of our self and our own resources, we are often confronted by the paradox that though we may feel lost, this may be where we find the place to arrive. 

For it is in the moments where we are crippled, broken, worn-out, we begin to realize we cannot do life completely on our own merits and efforts. We begin to recognize the Truth. That we need some One greater than ourselves to help us get off our knees, rise, and walk again.

For it is in the moments of exhaustion, having depleted our resources and energy, we become able to hear the voice of the One who has inexhaustible strength and power, and infinite and everlasting resources. Finally being at the place where we are now willing to lean in, to rest, to draw on His resources, until our fires have been rekindled.

For it is in the moments of despair, where we have run out of solutions and fear there is no way out, we can begin to see God’s steady hand reaching out to us, as He patiently waits to guide us.

For it is in the moments of overwhelming loss and grief, where our worlds have tilted, been turned upside down, we are opened to experience God’s compassion. Finding we are never alone in our distress. Because He is willing to patiently sit with us in our sorrow. And tenderly walk us through our grief.

For it is in the moments where we feel utterly rejected, abandoned, ridiculed, alone, we unlock, and become able to sense His loving presence all around us. Now sensitive to His wingspan gently  embracing, enfolding, protecting us.

So it is in these moments, where we suffer and feel the most lost, that we most often find a starting place.

For we stop clutching, squeezing, grasping onto our own self-sufficiency.

Opening our hands, to release our suffering, brokenness, tiredness, despair, grief and rejection into the caring, capable Hands, that have been just waiting to receive.

And we are untethered from earthly bonds and worries.

Finding a freedom that can only be found in the fellowship, healing, love of our Heavenly Father.

Arriving in a beautiful, life-sustaining space.

Able to walk in assurance we are never alone.

Fully confident that He will provide all we need for our journey, until He calls us Home.




Photo credits: Markus Spiske and George Hiles, from Unsplash

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