My weary soul yearns for stillness.

To find soul rest. Some respite from this relentlessly chaotic, turbulent, uncertain time.

Where every day we are being bombarded with news and events that suggest that the world as we know it is unravelling.

Where we are being exposed to shocking images and dark narratives that deeply wound the heart.

Compounding our regular, every day pressures, demands, and worries.

All leading to a sense of helplessness, a loss of control.

Where exhaustion and heart ache meet.

A time so unsettled we yearn for stillness. And holy pauses. The spaces where we can find restoration and renewal.

Of course these can be extended pauses that include retreats, vacations, and sabbaticals. And the weekly Sabbath where we take Sundays to engage and gather, heal and worship.

But there is also the necessity for momentary pauses. Holy moments where we carve out small, but sacred spaces. Where we unclench our jaws. Lower our shoulders. And begin to breathe. Drinking deeply of rejuvenating inhales. And exhales.

Punctuating what could be the run-on sentences of our narratives by adding some commas and periods.

Moments, where we simply stop.

Stepping away from the noise. Ignoring distractions. Stop engaging, even momentarily, in that which has the power to haunt and disturb us.

Where we deliberately take time to pause. Taking time to stop, to look up and around. Paying particular attention to our senses – what is that we can we see, feel, smell, touch and hear in this space of time. Seeking to find the beauty and splendour and wonder that does exists all around us, but which can so often go unnoticed in the press of our busy days.

Where we clear the space for sabbath. Not only the weekly Sabbath or the yearly holiday, but the holy, sabbath moment.

The holy moments carved out of hectic schedules so we can pause, and lean into a holy stillness.

Where in that moment we lay down our burdens. Lean into God’s presence. Allowing His presence – overflowing withΒ  love, gentleness, kindness, peace, grace Β – to embrace us. And fill us.

So that we can find rest in a Divine stillness that has the power to heal, restore and rejuvenate our weary souls and hearts.




Five Minute Friday Prompt: Vacation