I woke up this morning to discover this view outside the front door of our home. Where overnight the forces of nature had been unleashed to cover the earth with a blanket of snow.

This uninvited, heavy snowfall will interrupt our daily routines and force all of us to adapt.

It stirred me to think about The Book of Job and how Job unexpectedly faced overwhelming losses and unmerited suffering. And how he and his companions wrestled to understand why he had to face such adversity.

Then God asks Job a series of questions. Questions that invited Job and his companions to consider the hard and the beautiful things of life.

Why had the world been created? Who had decided how each inhabitant and each aspect of creation was to be formed? Who ultimately manages all its intricate details? Why does life unfold in the inexplicable, unexpected ways that it does? And why does a good God allow his world and his beloved creatures to suffer?

While Job never did get the answers he was seeking, he did get an answer. He found it in God, in the Creator who does know all the answers. And in the end, knowing God ws more than enough for Job…..

“Does the rain have a father,
or who has fathered the drops of the dew?
From whose womb does the ice emerge,
and the frost from the sky, who gives birth to it,
when the waters become hard like stone,
when the surface of the deep is frozen solid?” – Job 38:28-30

My soon to be published book focuses on The Book of Job and what it can teach us about suffering and how we can become more consoling companions as we face and walk through suffering experiences. To be released in summer, 2020 by As You Wish Publishing! 

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