Recently, I was delighted to participate in a lively discussion with Kyra Schaefer on a podcast which is now posted on their site, “Empower Your Brilliance”. She is the publisher and editor of “As You Wish Publishing”. Kyra and her partner Todd are going to going to be publishing my upcoming book, “When Grief Descends”, a guide to entering suffering and becoming consoling comforters. It is scheduled to be published by late June.

The book focuses on how we can process our own loss and grief, as well as enter into each other’s suffering and provide consoling comfort. It combines my counseling experiences with theology and my personal story of suffering. Drawing on the Book of Job and what his miserable companions can teach us about becoming consoling comforters, the reader is offered the opportunity to learn about the framework of loss and grief, acquire some basic skills of providing comfort, and build a theology of suffering.

Kyra and I had a great conversation about my book, themes around suffering, how we can enter into suffering spaces and support one another, and the importance of cross-generational relationships.

Here is the link to the podcast,…/11…/anne-mackie-morelli-interview

If anyone else is interested in having me participate in a podcast or an interview, please let me know by private messaging me and I would be delighted to do so.