I am thrilled to share that my solo book is scheduled to be published in late June!

Yet, I also recognize that this is a challenging time to release a book. Throughout the world, we have had to face, and unexpectedly deal with, the adversity associated with the pandemic and social distancing, injustice, economic struggles, political unrest, the illness and death of loved ones, and the loss of things such as personal freedom, safety, regular routines, certainty, control, companionship, and physical connection.

However, I do believe the book and the timing of its release is providential.  

The book focuses on how we can grow in our capacity to handle loss and process grief. How we can enter into adversity and suffering and provide healing consolation. The book draws from the biblical Book of Job and what it can help teach us about a theology of suffering, lamenting, grieving, and providing consolation –  so that we can move from being miserable comforters like Job’s companions and become people willing to enter into the hard spaces of loss and grief in ways that are compassionate, kind, gentle, patient, and healing.

As the book launches, I am humbly requesting your help with any or all of the following:

  • Be a member of the launch team. Help me to spread the word about the book and encourage others to buy and read it. If you are interested – please private message me through either my Facebook page @AnneMackieMorelliwriter or through my Twitter account: https://twitter.com/EAnneMorelli
  • Sharing and re-posting my Facebook, Twitter and Instagram posts. As the launch date approaches, I will be posting quotes from the book and from people who kindly wrote endorsements for the book.
  • Check Out My New Website and Sign Up to Receive Blogs and Newsletters. My new blog is entitled, Anne Mackie Morelli. It is particularly important to have as many people sign up as possible, because it is one major way to build communication about the book and my writing. https://www.annemackiemorelli.com
  • Purchase the Book. It will be released on Amazon in late June. I will post when the date is confirmed.
  • Read the Book and Share Your Feedback and Insights: Talk about the book with other people and post insights on social media to spread the word.
  • Post a Short Review of the book on Amazon and Goodreads. Reviews are important because they help with book’s ranking and sales and spreading the word about the book. The review can be just a few sentences and the same one can be used on both sites and on social media.
  • Study the Book in a Book Club or Community Group or Bible Study Group . The book is ideal for either an individual study or a group study. There are reflection questions and application exercises for every chapter as prompts for journaling and discussion.
  • Use it as a Resource or Training Guide for your Church’s Bereavement Groups or Care and Compassion Teams.
  • Invite me to Personally Share. Please consider me for podcasts, interviews, discussions, panels, and presentations where I could share about the book and its themes of loss and grief, suffering, consolation, a theology of suffering, and what the Book of Job can teach us about being consoling companions.
  • Sign up for the On-line Book Study. Finally, in the fall I am thinking of facilitating an online book study. My friend and former colleague, Louise Roberts, will be co-facilitating. If you would like to participate in this study please private message me on either my Twitter account https://twitter.com/EAnneMorelli or my Anne Mackie Morelli, Writer Facebook page, @AnneMackieMorelliwriter. I think the timing for this study, with its focus on how we walk through suffering and provide consolation when grief descends, could be a profound way for people to process their loss and grief, especially as we walk through this challenging time of greater isolation.

With the deepest gratitude, I thank you in advance for your support.