Anne’s Calling



The Stones Call encourages leaders to lead with audacious and courageous love, and a deep faith. It challenges each individual to embrace her or his unique gifts and strengths and respond to however God is calling them to lead and effect change in His kingdom.


I started the Stones Call because I wanted to create a space where reflections may spark the thought and heart transformation necessary for change and action. These reflections will cover a wide range of topics including leadership, theology, relationships, and social issues, but they will always revolve around the focus of how each of us, uniquely created and gifted, can best exemplify God’s love into the world around us.


My name is Anne. I am a woman of faith who has been profoundly impacted by God’s radical grace and love.

I have been a leader in a variety of formal roles including working as a pastor within the church setting, a clinical counsellor within the community setting, and a counsellor and administrator within the public education system. I am currently enrolled in the Seminary at Trinity Western University in Langley, British Columbia Canada, in the second year of a Masters Degree in Christian Studies and Leadership. I have been married to my husband and best friend, Claudio, for 41 years. We have three beloved sons and daughter-in-laws, and two grandsons.

Although leadership is most often defined by titles or roles, I believe it can also be viewed more broadly. I profoundly believe that every individual has been given a combination of gifts and strengths that uniquely qualifies them to contribute and lead in some capacity.  This is a broader invitation for each individual to embrace her or his gifts, stepping up to effect positive change and loving and leading others whether this is within a friendship, a family, neighbourhood, community, workplace, church or somewhere around the world.

Please feel free to connect with me through Twitter, Facebook, Google+ .

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