Anne’s Services

Anne Mackie Morelli has an extensive history of public speaking within both secular and faith based communities:

  • As a former member of the Canadian Olympic and National Track Teams Anne has presented numerous times about the discipline and challenges of training and competing at the national and international levels of athletics.
  • Throughout her career as a public high school counsellor and administrator Anne presented regularly at professional development workshops, and parent and staff meetings on topics ranging from encouragement, critical response, parenting, to communication skills.
  • When Anne worked within the community setting, as a registered clinic counsellor, she presented to a wide variety of community groups on topics related to parenting, loss and grief, chronic health issues, crisis response, conflict resolution, and communication.
  • Since transitioning five years ago from the education field into church ministry she has presented and preached on a variety of Christian themes and topics. Her presentations have focused on diverse topics ranging from forgiveness, mentoring, conflict resolution, communication, women in Scripture, marriage, to crisis response, all through the lens of Christian faith. Her sermons have focused on specific Scripture passages.
  • Anne has spoken with many groups and individuals regarding the challenge of coping with chronic health issues.

Anne would be delighted to speak at your church or at one of your events. She has a wealth of experiences and a depth of knowledge about a wide variety of topics and fields.

Anne’s primary passion is to help empower others to cope with life’s challenges, to fulfill their potential, and to use their gifts to effect positive change in the world. She believes that every person has the capacity to lead and contribute in some way, according to her or his gifts and the call placed on their life, whether this is in helping a friend, raising a child, leading a group, or running a business. Anne is a life long learner. She loves the stimulating discussions and books that challenge paradigms and produce a greater understanding and appreciation of the way others see and experience the world. Anne has a heart that beats for mentoring younger women and leaders, and providing spiritual, emotional, and leadership direction.

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